Verse I

O Virginia, O Virginia
A rich and beautiful
We sing the name
It's a story about her
The year was
Jamestown survived,
"Thank Heaven"!
But not before
They came ashore
Cape Henry was the door

Virginia is a rich and beautiful land. This is very evident from an aerial view. The rolling hills, mountains and valleys look like a view of a fairy tale picture book. Virginia was given its name in honor of the Virgin Queen of England.

shenandoah valley
Jamestown Survives

There were previous attempts to establish a permanent settlement.
It finally happened in 1607 with the Jamestown settlement.

The First Landing State Park, located on Cape Hanry (a part of Virginia Beach), was given its name in 1997 as a tribute to that first landing.

Verse II

On up the river they
On that old lazy
Now they remained
Til' Richmond they
To the First Nation
We owe our gratitude
So now we stand
From many lands
Joining hand in hand

The James River is sometimes referred to as the lazy James River.
It is an ominous, wide, and winding river.

Richmond is the capital of Virginia. It was the capital of the confederacy. It is considered by some as the Heart of America. Certainly, it is a key city in America's history.

3 ships on James<

Native rescue

Courtesy of National Life of Vermont

Would the first permanent settlement have survived without the compassion of our Native American Indians known as the First Nation People? Native Americans made great sacrifices in helping the Americans win its independence.

So we stand from many lands... it is hard to imagine another country with more of a diverse representation of the globe as America. If America is going to remain strong, its citizens must join hand in hand.

Verse III

She's rich in the
Of the
U.S. Presidents
It was Yorktown won
For her
To those who fought
For our freedom
We salute and onor
Now we can
Fulfill God's plan
Spread love to other

There have been more U.S. Presidents born in Virginia
than in any other state. There were eight presidents born in
Virginia. The victory at Yorktown was the decisive battle of the
Revolutionary War. Many gave their lives so that we today can
enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice. Brave men and women fight
today carrying the torch of previous heroes and heroines.
To THEM, we SALUTE and give HONOR.

Arlington Cemetery

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