Co- Author Pauline Wheeler

Mrs. Pauline Vance Wheeler, the granddaughter of slaves, felt compelled one early Friday morning before dawn to board a bus in Richmond bound for Chesapeake with one mission in mind.... to meet with her son to write Virginia a state song. Mrs Wheeler says, "What better way to inspire, encourage and grant our citizens and leaders a reminder that our history has taught us many lessons of character, courage, and sacrifice. With these virtues we not only can conquer great challenges but also set standards that will inspire our other states."

Pauron Wheeler is nothing short of thrilled to see his young Mother of 93 years as the visionary and engine behind the making of "O Virginia". Pauron says. "It has been a very rewarding experience for me to see my Mother pursue with excitement and zeal a personal goal of this magnitude. She had sacrificed her own interest and career to be a stay-at-home Mom to see that I, my three brothers and sister got the best upbringing one could ever hope to have. She truly deserves a 'moment in the sun'
Pauron is a performing artist on Piano( and performs reenactments on American history.


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